Stakeholder Groups

Here, we want to show you which Stakeholder Groups can profit from PLATOON:

PLATOON Consortium PartnersAll 20 partners directly involved in the PLATOON project. Wide range of institutions: enterprises, research institutes, public institutions, etc.PLATOON is of crucial importance to all Consortium partners as it aligns fully with their organisational goals and strategic direction in the domains of digitalisation and the energy sector in particular.
Energy Generation Companies/

Energy Service Companies/

Renewable Energy Companies
Commercial enterprises that focus on generating electricity, heat, hot water as well as energy services to businesses and private households. Also focus on companies that specialize in renewable energy, green electricity trading and e-mobility.Operation and maintenance of renewable energy power plants, as well as electricity grids can be improved (f.e. easier to foresee upcoming maintenance work, optimised grids thus longer lifespan of those).
The project aims to increase the renewable energy share within the energy sector. By doing so, new renewable energy businesses could be created which is especially good for start-ups and companies with innovative business models.
Transmission System Operators and Distribution System Operators that operate and maintain electricity and gas grids; those who provide whole local areas or municipalities with energy.Easier access to cheaper, more digitised and sustainable energy.
Should be prepared for emerging big data in the energy sector; links to partners with expertise in Big Data.
Small and Medium-Sized CompaniesSmall and medium-sized companies that focus on a business that is very closely linked to the energy sector; f.e. energy-heavy industries such as the automotive sector, mechanical engineering sector, pharma sector, construction sector etc.Should be prepared for emerging big data in the energy sector; links to partners with expertise in Big Data.
Energy End Users/
Building Owners
Businesses and private households that consume energy. Also, those households/ businesses in focus, which possess a REN plant in their homes, or those who want to buy eco power.Easier access to cheaper, more digitised and sustainable energy.
Increased energy efficiency for buildings, offices etc. leading to significant cost savings.
EUPolitical instances of the EC that represent the interests of the European Union.Increasing the renewable energy share to reach the ambitious 2050 emissions goals.
Help to create an inter-European energy grid that is better interconnected and much less dependent on fossil fuels (thus energy supply security on EU-level could be increased).
MunicipalitiesCities, settlements or communes that are responsible for certain local/ national/ European areas.Energy efficiency, optimised energy asset management and social welfare are key priorities of all municipalities and policy makers.

Moreover, PLATOON addresses other highly relevant topics such as smart cities.

Research Centres
Public and private research and educational institutions that focus on providing people with constantly improving and up-to-date knowledge.The project results/ milestone results are an important input that could enable universities and research centres to exchange knowledge, technology, data etc. and provide other stakeholders with valuable information.
General PublicAll private persons that are generally interested in energy, REN, data science, ecology etc.PLATOON addresses the interests of the general public due to the broad range of the topics that the project deals with. Thus, it can engage citizens who are not directly linked to the energy sector to engage themselves into energy topics and become proactive.
Funding AgenciesCommercial enterprises and public institutions (f.e. Economic development companies) that are providing start-ups, SMEs and projects on EU level with know-how and financial resources.Funding agencies focus on state-of-the-art developments in their sector.

PLATOON being an innovative project funded by the European Commission, will make sure to communicate its output to funding agencies in relevant domains.
Technological Platforms/

Professional Associations & Initiatives
Public platforms that focus on technology-based topics such as Big Data, data Science etc. Example: Leibniz-Gemeinschaft.PLATOON implements the digitalisation of the energy sector. Its use cases and pilots are highly relevant to related platforms and associations in terms of technology transfer, state of the art and lessons learned which can spur further synergies.