PLATOON’s 1st Open Call for bottom-up projects – which took place from 4th of January 2021 to 4th of March 2021 – has been concluded.

Here is a list presenting the Winners of our 1st PLATOON Open Call:

Advanced Infrastructure Technology Ltd
Advanced Infrastructure Technology Ltd is an energy data engineering and data science company founded in April 2020. The company uses novel big data and digital twinning techniques to provide granular insights which support the Energy Transition. The company’s current projects range from real-time tracing of emissions associated with the electricity consumption of multinational data centres, optimising the siting of low carbon technologies like electric vehicle charge points, to smart local energy systems modelling at scale.
BuiltrixBuiltrix helps companies to uncover energy-saving opportunities in their buildings using Digital Twin and data analytics. Builtrix helps companies to understand and reduce energy consumption by analyzing their energy data. Builtrix is a web-based energy tracking, analyzing and benchmarking platform designed for commercial buildings.
MIPU Energy Data S.r.l.MIPU Energy Data S.r.l. brings the power of prediction and Artificial Intelligence into factories and cities, to enhance the value of existing assets. We offer a comprehensive portfolio of services, trainings and technologies developed after years of experience in the field of Energy Data Science, Predictive Maintenance and Reliability. MIPU Energy Data helps companies to optimize their structures and processes, while respecting sustainability and social inclusion.
ATLANTIS EngineeringATLANTIS Engineering is a Greek ICT SME company with long-standing experience in the maintenance domain. The main activities of ATLANTIS are the development and implementation of two S/W solutions: a Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) for the management of enterprise assets’ life-cycle and a Smart Maintenance Platform (SMP) for the optimization of assets’ availability and effectiveness with the use of AI techniques. ATLANTIS has successfully implemented its CMMS Software in more than 100 technical departments mainly in the manufacturing domain.
Barbara IoTBarbara IoT is a Spanish technology-based company that connects industrial equipment to the cloud and enables cybsersecure intelligence at the edge, through IoT technologies.
The company helps digitize industries that have critical assets and are distributed such as Energy, Oil & Gas, Water Utilities, Infrastructures, Industrial Logistics, and Telecoms amongst others. Barbara IoT covers areas such as IoT Connectivity, Intelligence at the Edge, IoT Device Lifecycle Management, and IoT Cybersecurity.