Pilot/Data owner objective

GIROA-VEOLIA (GIR) monitors and controls more than 3000 tertiary buildings from Bilbao’s Hubgrade. Besides, SISTEPLANT (SIS) is a software developer who has developed and implemented as part of the Hubgrade software collection the PRISMA tool. PRISMA is a specific application for the maintenance management system for helping to make the equipment more reliable and transform the maintenance into a more proactive model.

The pilot will be first focused on a single tertiary building and afterwards will extend the results for validation purposes over a set of buildings (>10 buildings) from the whole GIROA’s Hubgrade casuistic (3000 buildings). This first building will be the reference for developing data analytics on energy efficiency of the HVAC system and predictive maintenance of chillers, heat pumps, water pumps and air handling units (AHU). The pilot will be focused on Donostia’s CIC Nanogune tertiary building, constructed in 2008, with 7319m2 divided in 6 floors, dedicated to Offices with open spaces an also small rooms and accommodating 115 people. It consumes 4GWh of electricity/year and 1,7GWh/year gas. It is equipped with solar photovoltaic panels, a chiller rated 1235kWc, 2 boilers rating 460kW total heating power and heat pumps as primary energy vectors. The HVAC system is completed with 16 Air Handling Units and 79 fan‑coils.

The universal character of the customly developed algorithms for predictive maintenance of the replicable energy assets (chillers, heat pumps, water pumps and AHU) in Donostia’s Nanogune building will be validated over a casuistic of more than similar 300 buildings controlled by the Hubgrade.

  • Pattern recognition and benchmarking.
  • HVAC optimizer.

Predictive maintenance of air handling units, water pumps, chillers and heat pumps. The analytic toolbox will be composed by unsupervised classification algorithms, predictive algorithms dealing with multivariate regressive techniques and prescriptive metaheuristic techniques will be implemented and will form part of the data analytics toolbox.