Pilot/Data owner objective

Roma Capitale owns almost 1200 buildings, mainly schools and offices, where around 23000 employees stands together with the services users. 70 sport facilities and 800 residential buildings with 27000 apartments complete the municipal asset, most of which need energy efficiency audits and interventions. All tertiary buildings owned by Rome Capitale (RC) are equipped with remote control system within a performance contract addressed to heat and comfort management. Big figures of the control system are: 6500 electric meters, 700000 heat plant efficiency indicators. 160 of its buildings are served by photovoltaic plants ranging from 3kW to 60kW. Costs: 156 thermal GWh in standard conditions, generate a yearly cost of over 14 ML€, while the spending for electricity consumption amounts to 32 ML€ per year.

Poste Italiane manages around 220 buildings in the area of Rome municipality: from 50 to 120000 sqm, and spanning from postal offices, logistics buildings and directional offices.

Areti SPA (DSO), part of ACEA Group Spa controlled by Roma Capitale (51%), could be considered as a primary stakeholder in this use case.

In this context, the pilot owners would like to: 1) plan appropriate energy audits scheme; 2) Test and deploy advanced multi-scale Energy Management System in a Smart City; 3) Define optimal energy infrastructure operation settings in tertiary buildings to increase comfort and reduce costs; 4) increase the DSOs flexibility capacity for demand side response actions.

Services offered by the PLATOON reference architecture’s components:

  • Power peak consumptions characterization, that permits a downsize of power supplies and total costs, also impacting on grid management and maintenance by Areti.
  • Load consumption data pattern recognition and benchmarking.
  • Energy consumption forecast given external conditions and settings.