Pilot/Data Owner Objective

SAMPOL is interested in reinforcing a reliable operation of power grid and delivering efficient user driven services pose a number of challenges, such as:

  • Improved stability and flexibility in the distribution grids with a large share of renewables, providing a more efficient operation and becoming adaptable, autonomous and self-healing.
  • Advanced energy management & control systems, and reliable energy production & consumption forecast to provide efficient smart grid, user-oriented services.
  • Advanced tools for power grid operation analytics, such as fault detection and diagnostics, predictive maintenance, to ensure efficient and optimized power distribution, reliable grid operation and network load balancing (in particular of MV and LV grids).
  • Power grid infrastructure planning tools to support next generation technologies enabling smart grids with increased share of renewables, and to provide highly modular and adaptable power grids.

SAMPOL in PLATOON project would like to solve transformer Stability and Life Time Extension and analyse grid losses (technical versus non-technical losses) at substation and transformer centre level.

Services offered by the PLATOON reference architecture’s components


  • Offer Edge solutions to collect extra information for transformers health monitoring and electric stability analysis and sent the processed lower latency information to SAMPOL’s back office.
  • Deploy the Interoperability and Data Governance components.
  • Use the Data Analytic toolbox for: 1) technical and non-technical losses characterization using Smart meter deployed data for the development of tools, 2) Energy demand forecasting in a Transformer group studying temperature influence in the Transformer live cycle.