Pilot/Data Owner Objective:

IMP performs supervision and control of entire Serbian energy supply chain: electricity production (thermal, hydro and PV power plants), transmission and distribution (and consequently electricity consumption). Power substation (182 high-voltage substations of 110/ h kV) are equipped with smart metering equipment and intelligent electrical devices (IEDs). Instituto Mihailo Pupin’s customer, the Producer and DSO Elektroprivreda Srbije desires a reliable operation of the distribution power grid with a large share of renewables means:

  • Improved stability and flexibility, adaptability, autonomy and self-healing. The Serbian DSO would like to increase roughly 5% longer the operation uptime of the grid.
  • Advanced energy management & control systems, and reliable energy production & consumption forecast to provide efficient smart grid, user-oriented services.
  • Advanced tools for power grid operation analytics, such as fault detection and diagnostics, predictive maintenance, to ensure efficient and optimized power distribution, reliable grid operation and network load balancing (in particular of MV and LV grids).

Services offered by the PLATOON reference architecture’s components:

The goal of the piloting action is to test and deploy intelligent smart grid services enabled by PLATOON for the following services:

  • Lower latency in data acquisition and data processing delivered by edge computing on the level of MV/LV power substations.
  • Real-time integration and big data analysis upon the high-volume data streams from metering devices and power grid elements (e.g. switches, transformers, etc.).
  • Advanced energy management, energy production & consumption forecast.
  • Holistic energy dispatch optimisation concept: better match energy production vs demand.
  • More efficient fault detection and diagnostics, predictive maintenance and analysis of potential consequences (such as fault avalanches) with respect to the operational life cycle of electrical switching or other circuit elements.