Ambassadors are experts, with a clear reputation, strong connections with companies, universities, governments and the start-up ecosystem in Europe and with a proven previous experience in big data and energy sectors. The PLATOON project objective is to activate a pool of supportive partners leveraging on the identified stakeholders to become PLATOON Ambassadors. The Ambassador Programme will be paramount to shape and give live to the PLATOON community. This programme will be key to create a crowd knowledge base repository and a thrilling and active community.

On top of the Ambassador programme a Supportive Partners Programme for communities will be built. This programme targets entities from across Europe, such as start-up communities, accelerators, governments, programmes and more to help PLATOON to empower innovation and entrepreneurship in the crossroads of ICT and energy and connect the ecosystem. The “supportive partners” are stakeholders interested in signing a Letter of Engagement to disseminate the project in a win-win cooperation mode.

More updates on PLATOON Ambassadors are coming soon. Stay tuned!