In the framework of the industrial dissemination activities for the PLATOON project, a conference focused on “Data sharing and governance for Energy applications” will be held in Bilbao (Basque Country, Spain) on September 23rd.

The intensive current activity at the European level around digital sovereignty and data governance as a requirement for a secure exchange of industrial data among multiple players, with ongoing initiatives such as GAIA-X and IDSA, sets a suitable context to learn from the experts on how to apply these frameworks and architectures to different energy use cases.


Furthermore, and thanks to PLATOON involvement in OPEN DEI initiative by co-chairing its Working Group 3 (Linking Ecosystems), the event has been conceived as an opportunity to facilitate interaction, mutual knowledge, and exchange of best practices and lessons learned among a number of H2020 projects specifically focused in providing added value to energy stakeholders through efficient data sharing, processing, and analysis.

TECNALIA microgrid facility

Since the pandemic has imposed severe limitations in the last months to face-to-face meetings and events, which are considered a necessary way for the projects to team up and collaborate, this event is also regarded as an opportunity to regain some physical proximity, paving the way back to normal. Online access will also be provided for those participants not being able to travel yet.

Global Smart Grids Innovation Hub by IBERDROLA

The conference will be structured into three sessions:

  • Opening session: with representatives from the Basque Government and the European Commission, who will set the context for the event.
  • Technical sessions: with keynote speakers providing valuable insights on the technological challenges for energy data sharing and the ongoing initiatives to make it possible.
  • Projects and pilots in energy data sharing: with representatives from the H2020 projects involved in OPEN DEI Energy domain, who will present their activity and discuss the needs and challenges that they are facing in order to create a common ground for data sharing in the energy sector.

As a result, synergies and opportunities will be identified to be further developed among the projects in a collaborative way during the next years, thus leading to higher impact results and more efficient use of their resources.

More details on the event are provided in the agenda below. Additional side activities have been organized on the day before (Sep 22nd) for the conference attendees traveling to Bilbao.

Registration is now open HERE

Please save the date (September 23rd) and spread the word! We are looking forward to welcoming you to our joint event!

Discover the full agenda in the downloadable press release version below.