The online community of PLATOON aims to create a dynamic ecosystem fostering synergies among different stakeholders interested in the digitalisation of the energy sector. Communities are becoming a key aspect in reaching common goals. Community members share interests and have a sense of belonging. They are guided by a unified vision and intend to achieve something together.

It is with this in mind that the online community of the PLATOON project came to life. The idea is to bring like-minded fellows that are interested in the evolution of a classical centralised energy sector to a more distributed one, with intermittent renewable energy sources and new extended digital capabilities. The goal is to attract and engage the players of the energy industry: researchers, innovators, start-ups, policymakers, and all stakeholders involved in making the energy industry a more digital one.

The PLATOON community will also engage with supportive partners and ambassadors that will promote the project across different countries. A supportive partner could be any European entity such as a start-up community, an accelerator, or a government programme that could help PLATOON to stimulate innovation and entrepreneurship in the crossroads of ICT and energy. On the other hand, Ambassadors are experts, with a clear reputation, strong connections with companies, universities, governments and the start-up ecosystem in Europe and with proven experience in big data and energy sectors. Ambassadors are key opinion leaders that create awareness through their digital channels and offline events and at the same time are active in the community platform, providing knowledge, expertise and valuable content.

The community will also serve as a help desk to answer all the questions in relation to the open calls that the PLATOON project will launch. Throughout two open calls, the PLATOON project will select a total of 13 disruptive SMEs/Startups that will be accepted into two different Technology Transfer Programmes:

  • First batch, consisting of 6 SMEs/Startups, during the second quarter of 2021,
  • Second batch, consisting of 7 SMEs/Startups, during the first quarter of 2022.

Members in the community will have the opportunity to connect with other professionals, share knowledge and get first-hand information on PLATOON’s open calls and Technology Transfer Experiments. The PLATOON Community will be hosted within the FundingBox Communities platform, a digital communication tool where knowledge sharing and collaborative work is fostered.

You can join the community through this link: